Just say no!

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It’s often hard to say no isn’t it? Recently I think I’ve been doing too much.

Take this weekend for example…. Awesome weekend again, but as is becoming the pattern I’m completely exhausted now and so run down I have a stinking cold.

Between Thurs and today, I fitted in abut 18hrs of DJing a mere 21hrs sleep (ouch that’d normally be about 30hrs) and about 8 hrs of painting/decorating.

I had an email asking me to work in London tomo, at Earls Court… to be set up on site at 8am which by my maths would of meant getting up about 4am and home about 8pm… now, I rarely say no, but I honestly think if I’d of done this I’d either of collapsed or crashed driving back!

At first, I felt so guilty saying no, I knew it would be hard for them to replace me at short notice, but they could of called me earlier so thats not my fault.

It does makes me realise that often I’m not selfish enough with my time. I need to sort my flat out, catch up on things and do some planning… add to that my fears of exhaustion and wanting to fit in some time to see people I care about and I had to say no.

Note to self: try n rememeber when saying no:

  • Be direct, don’t faff – no one likes excess padding
  • Remember to respect the fact they have the right to ask, you have the right to say no (see earlier entry on Assertiveness)
  • Within reasonable boundaries offer alternatives, without assuming responsibility to get the task done.
  • Don’t feel guilty about not doing something, you have to be true to yourself.
  • Say No as soon as you have decided, the other person then has longer to find an alternative.
  • Make your own decisions, take a step back, try n be objective about it.

Today, I’m taking it easy, maybe work on my album for a bit.. do simple things like washing n tidying up… exciting stuff eh? For tomo is another day my friends, another day nearer my much needed holiday.

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