decision making made simple

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Ever find yourself with 2 choices and no idea which to take?

You weigh them up logically but still can’t decide?

Then you need to use the Luke’s patented: “Never Fail Coin Decision Method!”

Our method was was developed using over two years worth of research at the cutting edge of psycho instinctual psuedo probability with scientists from the Institute of Flippological studies, Bournemouth.

One simple flip off the coin is all you need to tell you which one you should go for… it could change your life, forever!!!!

Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our recent converts say:

“I used to make decisions on my own, now I always use Luke’s “Never Fail Coin Decision Method”, it makes life great!”

“How did I ever manage without? Luke’s “Never Fail Coin Decision Method” changed my life, thank you Luke…”

“Luke, you’re my hero, without your method I’d still be a chicken chaser, now I’m Chief Executive of HyperGlobalMega Corp.”

Still not convinced?

Luke’s Patented “Never Fail Coin Decision method” comes with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee!!!

That’s right, if you’re not entirely satisfied, we’ll send you back every penny you didn’t want to spend with us in the first place…

so go on, try Luke’s “Never Fail Coin Decision method” today, it might just change your life!

but wait!!!

sign up right now and we’ll also send you a mystery gift worth absolutely nothing!

Yes, some free bit of gubbins you didn’t want at no extra cost to you!

er, anyway… flip a coin is all you need to do. Simple eh? ok, its not actually that simple… before you think I’ve gone barkingly bonkers… let me explain.

A weird thing happens when you flip a coin, your head already knows which one it wants.

If it lands on the right answer, you’ll know it made the right choice.

If it lands on the opposite side, you will instinctively want to re-flip the coin, or go for a best of 3… and ta da, your subconcious instinct has given you your answer…

or it really didn’t have a right answer so the coins decided for you by chance.

PS send all cheques to L. Williams, Flat 9…

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