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Every day we make choices about how we live our lives. Things happen and its how we handle those changes that defines who we are.

To live a full and balanced life is to choose to accept who you are, decide what changes you want to make and then make those changes.

Last night as I walked the streets of Bournemouth after my gig, I felt like I didn’t belong. The people I saw on the streets, might as well been from a different planet to me, the lack of self respect, self control… the loud and learing guys, out just to get drunk, chat up “birds” and maybe have a fight seemed so alien to me.

The girls I saw hammered, with no class or style staggering around the streets shouting and singing didn’t look to me like they were having a good night.

These people go out to get drunk to escape their dull lives, now I know that’s a massive over generalisation, but looking around last night I felt pity for these people. They just accept the world as it is, seemingly with no desires or dreams.

This probably reads as quite holier than thou, which its not meant to be, I just can’t help but feel too many people have resigned themselves to live a life thats choosen for them rather than to seek out the richness of life all around.

Hmm, thats quite philosophical for a saturday, I’m gonna go now. More tomo.


  1. Wasn’t that you, a few years ago?

  2. no never. It’s hard to explain the difference, I go out to have a good time, to be with my friends to enjoy music. These people go out just to get hammered for the sake of it.

  3. couldn’t agree more Luke, it sickens me seeing the drinking culture these days. Yes I go out but I drink to socialise, I can’t actually remember the last timeI was ‘hamered’ as I hate being in that state! and I’m only 21 so I’m not saying I’ve been there and done it!!

    I for one will be moving abroad in a year or so to continue making my life how I want it and not get stuck in the English cycle of life!

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