what a weekend!

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12 hours worth of DJ sets + 15 hours of partying at homelands = 1 exhausted but very happy Luke! (apologies if todays entry is a tad disjointed)

My weekend started with the arrival of my sister who was promptly abducted and taken to Slinky by some of my friends as I had to do the usual 5 hour set at Fruit. Got home went to bed then up and off to homelands at midday…..


I really enjoyed homelands on saturdays night, got to see loads of good acts… my favourite set of the night had to be either The Loose Cannons in the Bacardi Bar, Tiga in Arena 5 or Groove Armada on the outdoor stage. Got to see Mylo, bit disappointed really as he basically just played his album live, no extras and no new tracks.

There were loads of really memorable bits at homelands, being introduced to one of my hero’s (Tom Neville) in the VIP area was very cool (top bloke)… the look on my friends face when I introduced her to Dave Lee (aka Joey Negro – her favourite DJ) was wicked… going on the waltzers whilst quite hammered was an experience… and then looking up to see all my friends looking down at me whilst I was flat on my back is a mental picture I’ll never forget!!!!!!

The only bad bit of the festival was partially breaking my mobile phone which made it hard to meet up with a couple of people who were there… ah well, now I have a good excuse to buy a shiny new gadget, wooooo!!

After about 5 hours sleep (we got back from homelands about 730am) I then had to DJ @ sundays at the terrace… now I’ll be honest with you, the first set (3 1/2hrs) was hard work but by the time it came to play the last hour, I was more alive and thanks to a legendary set from Dave C & Dave James (cheers guys!) the crowd was going for it, which always gives you a buzz.

Sadly today, the curse of the self employed strikes again… spent some time with my sister but now I have some work to finish for a client by tommorow morning. On the plus side though, the next time I have something scheduled in is my radio show on thursday evening 😀

It’s all made me realise I really do have a great group of friends, from hanging out n looking after each other at homelands through to people babysitting my sister (although she’s cool so its hardly hard work).

Hope y’all had a good weekend too.

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  1. I’m really missing the old days. As soon as I’m back in the ‘hood there’s some hardcore partying planned.

    Shouldn’t be too long now…

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