Star Wars III

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If you’ve not seen this yet, go see it!

What a good film!! I felt it had all the darkness that I loved in Episode V coupled with all the loose ends being tied up and a good amount of light saber action.

My only gripe was R2D2… since when was he able to kick ass? He was always the loveable tech droid who opened doors, operated lifts… all of a sudden he’s kicking droid ass. Hmmm. Thats being quite picky though.

All in all a wicked film, now I’ve gotta wait for the 6DVD boxset… and watch them all in order!

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  1. Why shouldn’t R2D2 be a little more feisty in this movie? Shakespeare wrote a about the seven stages of man in his play “As you like it” and the third (or fourth, can’t remember) stage of man is;

    “Then a soldier, full of strange oaths, sudden and quick in quarrel, seeking the bubble reputation even in the cannon’s mouth.”

    Perhaps the stages of man can be applied to droids too and in this movie R2D2 is in his late teenage/early twenties and is a little bit more agressive?

    You’d have to read the whole passage really to see if there’s anything in it.

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