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Lately, I’m becoming paranoid people think I’m some sort of boring know it all.

In the last week, I’ve:

  • done Club DJ gigs & a radio show
  • talked about Drug + Alcohol Misuse
  • consulted for 3 people on eBusiness strategy + online marketing
  • had a couple of Life Coaching clients
  • referenced the psychology of love equity on another blog

I’m also learning spanish, PHP and CSS… my current reading list includes books on neuro-linguistic programming, consultancy, the world debt problem and croatia!

I need to get out more!!!

what’s wrong with me???? I think its an addiction, certainly when I’m not learning anything I get bored incredibly quickly!


  1. just caught up on yer blog fella as have been away in rainy telford with those of the dancing robots fame…

    yep, new site is cool and works ok for me but the lists are strangely all numbered 1 to 1 – they don’t seem to get to 2, 3, 4, etc…

    now, as you know, i like a bit of change but i did really like the old banner design at the top of your other site, even though this one has a pretty pic…

    y no te preocupes lo que piensa lo demas – no importa, lo que es mas importante es hacer lo que quieras con quienquiera querias hacerlo! (try saying that with a mouth full of paella)

  2. jeebus I think I understand roughly what you said in the spanish bit… scary! I agree content is key. The banner is a temp thing until I find myself with some time to design a better one.

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