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I think my lifestyle is affecting my health. Today I feel like crap. This morning my nose would not stop running and my head isn’t working at all.

Ok, so this is partly due to a brutal hangover today, caused by a number of factors….

  1. one of my best friends’ leaving do, last night
  2. not having drunk alcohol for about 4 weeks (apart from thursday!)
  3. a really tough week, combined with some compound sleep deprivation
  4. a possible intolerance to yeast or alcohol???

Hmmm the last one needs investigating, it certainly seems plausible for a number of reasons…. (wow I really like lists today)

  1. For a while I’ve suspected there is something I eat which I’m intolerant/allergic/react weirdly too, which has been giving me a brutal runny nose. (clear n liquid like hay fever, not yellow/green n slimy like a cold… :D)
  2. After my anti-biotics spell I spent about 3 weeks without drinking a thing and I felt great
  3. someone told me I might have, so now its possibly psychosomatic!
  4. it seems to be at its worst, the following day after drinking brewed drinks like beer/lager

To test this theory means some pretty radical lifestyle changes which I’m going to try as it’s important to me to get my life on track and being healthy is needed for that!

Experiment 1: Remove yeast from my diet for 2 weeks.

That seems easy… except its homelands this weekend (so no drinking will be hard at a festival!) and bread is a significant factor in my diet. (I love cheese on toast and sandwiches and bacon sarnies and toast and.. and and…)

Life would be great if it was easy to get an allergy/intolerance test so I just knew without cutting these beloved ingredients from my diet. (a real one, not some un-scientific one like hair testing or that electro-probe thing which can be obtained at places like Dr China)

Lets see how it goes…

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  1. You should come to the US and visit an allergist – they tested me recenlty, and told me I was allergic to all kinds of things, and had evidence to back it up. I was quite impressed. Although that might be an expensive way to deal with it….

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