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Interesting to read today a further study that proves faddy diets do nothing but make their inventors rich.

Experiments have proved that continuing fat consumption is required for the liver to process existing fat stores. (journal source: Cell Metabolism)

I.E. consumption in moderation is better than excess consumption or the removal of fat from the diet, like the Atkins diet.

How many studies will it take to convince people that the “magic bullet” cure for dieting already exists???

Here is Luke’s patented guide to health and diet:

  • Eat in moderation, fresh fruit + veg as much as possible.
  • Exercise and don’t be lazy (simple things like: walk dont drive everywhere!)
  • Keep your health in check, if you are ill find the cause and get it sorted.
  • Get regular sleep
  • Drink plenty of water

wow, I’m a frickin genius….


  1. The Atkins diet doesn’t require one to remove fat from their food intake, not at all. It’s a no-carb, fat heavy diet. The Ornish diet is almost 100% fat-free.

  2. twas badly written, essentially I meant that any diet that promotes an unbalanced approach, IE No-Carb, No-Fat… no dairy is bad.

  3. It is extremely unhealthy to remove carbs from you diet, as they contain vital nutrience that the body needs to be alive!!

    go with luke’s plan… its all about self control and lifestyle 🙂 dont give up the chocolate, just dont eat the whole 400g bar at once 😉 lol

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