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Today at lunch, I was discussing what it’d been like writing this blog thing. It’s been quite a while since I started this blog and the experience has been far better than I could of expected.

Initial comments like “you’re doing a what?” are still happening and yeah, some people don’t “get it” – I mean 1) why would anyone write about their life in this way? …and 2) why on earth would anyone want to read it!?

Well… it started as a way of emptying my head and making progress with my goals… writing down things in your head and then looking back on your own thoughts n states, makes it a lot easier to analyse your next steps.

I found a few odd things along the way, some things were easier to share on here than in real life, some things I imagined would go on here, haven’t… it’s also changed the way I think about things a bit. I love the fact anyone can read this, comment and pick up info on those around me (eg Tony learning that Carl is getting married! Which, if you knew Carl IS a huge suprise!!!)

oops better go, gig to do.

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