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watched a really good program with Peirs Morgan last night “the importance of being a celebrity” or something similar.

fascinating to watch the way being a celebrity has evolved from people with talent to everyone wanting to be famous for no reason. The psychology of this amuses me, the amount of people that feel a lacking in their life that could only be fulfilled by “15 mins of fame”.

I wonder if the information overload we experience in modern society is having more effect than imagined. The sheer amount of information and entertainment available is overwhelming.

What effect this has, seems to be, some people either giving up and reverting to fundamentalism or distrusting those with exponentially more knowledge/money/power. “Normal” people willing to do almost anything to be famous.

I feel sorry for these people, its almost like they want to escape from their real lives. My message to these people would be, make your own life the way you want to live it, then you’ll be happy.

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  1. I like being a celebrity. Though at times the pure oxygen of fame can be overwhelming.

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