Right n Wrong…

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Out biggest enemy in the world is ignorance… cliche’d but true.

Some people just seem unable to see that 2 people can hold differing view points, without anyone being right. It’s a dangerous state of affairs for the modern world that breeds intolerance and hatred.

Even in our own country, there are contradictions that make no sense… Tobacco is legal, other drugs are not. We know 100% if you smoke, it’s gonna kill you. Most drugs research indicates potential dangers of long term usage, really are they any different?

The world is growing at such a pace, we’re all in information overload. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the pace of change in the world, increasingly people seem to be going back towards more fundamentalist religions.

Herein lies my dilemma.

I respect other peoples beliefs, they’re welcome to worship, Allah, Jeesus, G-D, Septilon 7 from the planet Riggon… I don’t.

When the president of the united states, says of evolution vs creationism “the juries still out on that one” I get scared.

How can anyone ignore the evidence of evolution?

That’s not a belief, it’s based on sound science that anyone can replicate. Surely there is room to say that evolution occurs because of the will of (god/g-d/allah/jeesus/septilon 7/jerry springer/”the leader”).

That is my problem, what is right and wrong? How do I reconcile these 2 and respect that view?



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