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“Popular Psychology” as it seems to now be called (or “self help”, which does sound more needy I guess) is a HUGELY growing market…

Here is a template for you to use, to write your own book (I’ll leave the title to you)

You see, as part of my Diploma in Life Coaching, I studied Pop Psych books, to understand the process by which they help their readers… I reached some startling conclusions.

Every Pop Psych book can be summed up in the same way, so here is my book in condensed form for you to fill in the blanks (send me a % of any royalties you get):

My life was rubbish because (I didn’t have enough time/money/satisfaction), I changed it around in only a few short years and you can too!

(Insert examples here of other people who turned their life around using the authors other available products)

State ad nauseum that anyone can change, even you! (use ! loads at the end of sentences, it makes your reader feel better)

Promote strategic partners products through further examples of people who… “Turned from a 9-5 wage slave to a property/commodoties/entrepeneur millionaire”

Offer a 5 stage process (feel free to modify the number of steps to suit your own “method”), remind the reader it can “WORK FOR YOU TOO!!!” (use a few exclamation marks now as you’re headed towards the guts of your method…

1) realise you need to change (mention, that they’re probably here already as they’re reading your book, congratulate them on taking that first step)
2) decide what changes you want to make in your life
3) take action (rephrase to insert your own buzz words here, some already in use are: Take Massive Action, Take the First Step, then Go and Grow…)
4) Persevere (again, choose your own phrase here… EG Build Momentum, Grow and Grow..)
5) Reflect on your success and enjoy life! (remember that the last step needs at least one !)

Add a few quotes from famous business figures, maybe a poem or two…

Mention further reading (from your associates and you of course) and residential courses they can take (obviously delivered by you)

remind them that anyone can change, give a few more examples, wish them good luck! (don’t forget to end with a !)

Ta Da

Don’t get me wrong, this method does really work. I guarantee it! See I was doing a 9-5 and then… (oh shit now I’m writing a book following my own template, the irony…)

Seriously though, this method DOES work, if you follow those 5 steps you will reach your goals.

Obviously, dependent on your personal experience and academic knowledge, you could slant your book to include eating and exercise or maybe some pseudo-psychological terms you make up.

There is, of course a lot more to personal change than that, but as a template, there you go.

Now go.. take Massive Action / Go and Grow / Take the first step / Be your own boss / Build Momentum… JUST DO IT!!!

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