best laid plans…

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“Best laid schemes o’ mice and men, gang aft a-gley,
and leave us naught but greif and pain, for promised joy”
(Robert Burns)

or as is better bastardised in modern speak “best laid plans of mice n men often go pete tong”

hmmm so much for the getting up at a regular time… see, my memory isnt the greatest, so i use outlook for keeping track of gigs and appointments… good thing really, I almost forgot I was doing a job in Croydon on Tuesday, that required a 6am departure from Sunny Bournemouth… what a long day!

0500 – got up
0615 – drive to croydon
work in croydon (no break) till..
1600 start drive back….
2000 arrive 🙁 accidents on A23 + M3 delaying progress somewhat!
2100 leave flat to do radio show
0100 finally able to go to bed…

needless to say I wasnt out of bed today at 9 🙂

the delayed journey back made me ponder the choices I make, you see, as tiring as it was (I made 2 small stops on way home to prevent tiredness setting in, which for me is unusual) I had no regrets that this was my chosen life: a bit random but not boring!

all these poor souls on the motorway at 7am, do this trek EVERY day, or at least very often, jeebus, I couldn’t do that! I’d much rather do a few nights, the odd long day and have the freedom to go down the beach for an hour if I so choose. All I have in the diary for the rest of this week is a couple of meetings and my regular friday gig… life is good, its to easy to forget that sometimes.

Today (in a non-religious post-easter fashion) I’m feeling renewed and thankfull for the life I’ve chosen.

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