distractions and priorities…

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why are distractions so damn distracting?

I try and keep a list somewhere, so if I’m doing 1 thing and a tangent/distraction/idea/thing crops up, rather than go down that tangent I write it down… (see method 1)

The plan was, Monday de-clutter my flat, I seem to of gained a lot of random crap recently, its time to sort out all the stuff under my bed too… but, it’s so easy to convince yourself that other things are more pressing and demand your attention… “checking your email” / “having a look at the news online in case the worlds about to implode” / “watching spoof MJ music videos” / “Writing in an online diary” / “staring out the window watching the squirrel vs pigeon war” / “helping a friend solve dilemmas on MSN”…

although having said that, whilst “de-cluttering” I have managed to get my invoicing and tune reactions up to date… filled 1 bag of rubbish and 1 bag to go to a charity shop… maybe I’m too hard on myself? Hmmm, nope there was definitly some hardcore faffing yesterday (yes Luke, watching Smallville is important – hmmmm Kristen Kreuk :D)

It reached a head about 2am, after watching some film on ch4… and realising that I had soo much crap around the flat and my bed was apart, I’d have to sleep in the lounge… luckily my new sofa bed arrived a couple of weeks back..

its hard to de-clutter, I really should get rid of a few things, my hearts just not in it though… my old BMX, I can’t even remember the last time I rode it, but it’s still sat there taking up space.

a “2 min” post is now an epic. arse.

note to self: stop being distracted and prioritise better

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