Sun + Fog

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Well I couldn’t go for too long without writing something about the weather!

Today is the hottest day of the year so far, in the last few weeks the UK has been unseasonably cold but today its about 16 degrees outside and glorious sunshine… living in costa del bournemouth this means a few things:

1) The boy racers are out in force with windows/roofs down
2) People are flocking to the beach
3) Mid life crisis men are trundling around in their convertables

sadly for these people (and me) a brief walk to the beach and I find the really intense fog that hits us a few times a year, at the beach visibility is 250m at best… at my flat (less than a km away :)) its clear skies.

If there was an onsure breeze it’d create this spooky instant whiteout which I’ve only seen a few times in my years here, its so intense that it inspired Stephen King whilst he was staying here (researching former local, Mary Shelly author of Frankenstein) and I’ve seen people asking if theres a big fire in town as it rolls in.

Where else in the world would people be enjoying the beach in fog! hahaha

I wonder if it’s optimism that the fog’s going to magically lift (um, theres no wind people!) or just some form of stubborness “we WILL visit the beach because it’s nice today”… “oh its foggy, well… must make the best of it!”


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