St Georges Day updates!!

Posted by on March 18, 2005 in general thoughts | 3 comments

Oh how the internet never ceases to amaze me….

Having made this poster on sunday, sent it to 4 people and posted it on here… its come back to me via someone I don’t know, already!!!

up the george!!!

and remember if you don’t like real Ale, grab a cider instead!

EDIT: by popular demand a CIDER version of the poster here

—–Original Message—–
From: Linda
Sent: 17 March 2005 22:22
Subject: April 23rd

Lets make St George’s day a real ale festival. Lets celebrate this one!!!

(posters attached PUT THEM IN YOUR WINDOWS)


  1. we can unite the peoples of england… cider crosses all class barriers!

    Strongow + woodpecker
    Scrumpy for the coinnoseur

    if you’re feeling charitable… buy a White Lightening for your local hobo!

  2. not sure cider for the homeless is a particularily responsible idea, try donating the cost of a bottle of WL to shelter instead!

  3. Big Up the insomnia remix! it’s all good!

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