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Posted by on March 16, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

You ever had that moment where you’ve heard a tune that really just grabbed you in the stomach, shook you around and made you go “ooooooooooohhhh yeah baby!”

I have 2 of these tunes at the moment

1) Roman Flugel “gehts noch” – mark my words this will be THE festival tune this summer… twisted beepy crazy house record, I heard in London… been looking for a copy since.

don’t judge me…

2) Faithless “insomnia”( dubyah + playboy interface remix) – I know I had a big hand in making it, but its hard to get into a tune you make (try listening to the same tune for 3 days solid…) until you take a step back, listen to loads of other tunes and then play it loud. I love it, really happy with how its come out, hopefully it gets signed… if it doesn’t there are loads of good bits in it that are original, so i’ll recycle it into a tune to go on my album.

After pondering the subjectiveness of everything… I reach one conclusion, music that moves you n stirs an emotion is good.

The only “bad” music is that which has no soul

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  1. Uh yeah. That happens every time I go out, especially in the UK.

    And usually I can count on Luke to locate a copy for me!

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