L-PRAM1: Results

Posted by on March 15, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

Well, um an interesting day…

In 1 way, it worked well… I got loads done, I didn’t take too many tangents


Did I work on the right things?

The day started ok, whilst pondering lifes choices in the chamber of secrets, I spotted some work that needed doing… you know those little things you put off, n put off… so… I assembled tools and acquired a blood blister thanks to some over ambitious plier usage (doh) eventually I fixed the floor tiles and the toilet roll holder in my toilet…

The only thing I’d written on my list so far was that I needed to do some promotional work for my regular friday gig and book a trip to the dentist (hmmm no contest).

The website is just has a holding page at the moment and the bar I play at has just set up a link across… time to hack together another website! In one day I’ve managed to complete the design and I’ve started to populate the data, wed I’m going to unleash it to the world!

Then had a tinker with the code for this site and… tada!! 12 Random images to amuse you… (all other site improvement suggestions welcome)

Rest of the day was spent sending this site to people, catching up with some email and watching Most Haunted Live (see here if you’re not familiar with the show)

    Things I didn’t do…

(that really I should on a monday!)

(oops, bit silly to miss this one as a self employed person)

Preparation for Tuesday
(I’m in a recording studio all day and then on air… should really also of gone to my PO Box to see what tunes I’ve been sent)

Any form of planning!

In summary:

2x DIY tasks completed
1x Website Developed
1x successful Javascript/php hack completed
1x Paranormal (psuedo-) Investigation observed

Health: 8 > 7 (gained 1xDIY injury)
Wealth: 6> 6 (INVOICING!)
Happiness: 7 > 8 (making progress on some stuff, doing DIY made me proud… and MHL was amusing)

Till next time…

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  1. Hey Luke…love checkin’ out your random tangents. You’re tearing me away from me work…bad bad ass. I do’nt have time to properly chat- but I wanted you to know I’v’e seen…& this blog suits you!

    Keep flying on different tangents- it’s you! Things’ll work out. Now I must go pick up my mobile that I dropped & bust last night.
    Peace Luke, s.

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