Ligers, Groundhogs + Bigfoot

Posted by on March 14, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

I’d like to say hi to a friend of mine, Adam… now i’ll admit, on occasion I’ll wind him up as he can be gullable… so after a couple of beverages (ok quite a few pints) he was not conviced any of the above were real…

So I say to him…

Ligers: see here or a news story on “hercules” the liger

The groundhog: well… I think most people know about this little fella and his traditional weather forecasting antics… if not, go see the film (Bill Murray), a bit cheesy but I’ll admit I like it.

The Bigfoot: well, the jury is out on this one as far as i’m concerned… it’s possible it exists but nothings proven it conclusively to me yet.

later, alligator!

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  1. You missed the most important one of all. I cannot believe u did *crys in to coffee* and it is subject to many a debate …. Nessie live’s!

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