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it begins, think I’m going to use the HWH scale see how it goes…

Health: 8/10 been better, bit blocked up and tired
Wealth: 6/10 afloat
Happiness: 7/10 happier than i felt last week, mainly thanks to setting this up… I’m out the closet… I am a GEEK!

The Plan for today,

wrote a to do list, chucked it in the bin… going to try..

Luke’s Patented Random Action Method #1 (L-PRAM1)

1) Start doing something, anything…

2) when you think of other things that need doing, write them down
(rather than going… “oh, theres that thing… that reminds me, I need to…” and heading off on tangents all the time!)

3) then when you finish the thing you were doing… pick one from the list and repeat until days end…

4) avoid the temptation to read/write rubbish online all day

lets see how this goes…


  1. Pictures! we need pictures!
    That is all.
    –The Village Council

  2. ta da…. just for you my friend! (a selection of 12 random pics)

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