software to save money

I was talking to a non-techy friend last night and he asked me how I could afford to set-up an office and buy the software/hardware I needed to get going in the current climate.

As promised J here are my top 5 tips for cutting costs (thought I’d share it with everyone):

1) Phones: He uses just a mobile at around £70pm – I use VOIPfone £10pm inc 0845 number

2) Photo/graphic work: Photoshop CS4 £450 – the excellent Gimphoto £0

3) MS Office + Outlook £499 – Open office and Thunderbird £0

4) Project management software? I use the self hosted Taskfreak to manage my to do list, it allows me to share with others too, especially when combined with…

5) Google docs

£1700+ saved in one post, winner.

If you’ve not used these tools, I can’t recommend them highly enough

As for the office, its a hot desking environment shared with 2 others, my furniture, renovated PC and other bits have come to £135 in total.

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