Notes from the TLK panel discussion

Yesterday I took part in a panel discussion for students from the AUCB looking to get into the world of freelancing alongside Gellan Watt and Hayley Potter, for those that weren’t there here is a copy of the question slides:

[slideshare id=10574146&doc=tlk-startingout-111213053446-phpapp02]

I promised to write a quick blog to link to some of the things I mentioned
(in no particular order…)

Networking events locally for web/creative folks:


Software that I love and use:


Books I mentioned:

The top tip of what interviewers are looking for from Ernie Robinson my old boss at Eldridge Pope:

“Can you do it, Will you do it & Will you fit in”

– wise words that stuck with me that I’ve kept in my mind as both an interviewee and interviewer!

If I’ve missed anything, please leave a comment and I’ll add it!

UPDATED 14/12/11: A handy set of bullet point notes from Phil Hawkins

*affiliate links

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Notes from the Learning Practitioners Forum

Notes from the Learning Practitioners Forum

I attended the Element K Learning Practitioners Forum at the start of June, a ½ day event in central London with some excellent speakers.

The focus of the event was e-learning and learning technologies. I’ve had a couple of people ask for a copy of my notes, who were unable to attend, or who saw my tweets and wanted to know more and so I’ve (finally, sorry!) typed up my notes here.

All of the talks were excellent;  there were a few key topics I was listening out for and I’ve paraphrased the bits from those talks I especially took away and added some of my notes to them.

NB: Quotes are in “double quotes” my notes are in italics.

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LinkedIN status updates are dying

LinkedIN status updates are dying

Allow me to explain.

It used to be that the status updates on LinkedIN were actually quite useful, to see what people were up to, get a snapshot of what they are/were working on… but alas no more.

Given the option to link a twitter account to LinkedIN (good) most people have chosen to send ALL tweets to LinkedIN (bad) rather than use the selective “#in” option which only sends selected tweets to LinkedIN (good).

The result?

The status updates are all RT’s (the twitter version of forwards) and off topic, no where near as useful as it used to be.

To me, it devalues the activity stream quite a bit – which is kind of a pity as the other things on there are still great – Q+A, groups, events…

Have you noticed this too, or is it just my network of people?

Please, if you link twitter and Facebook together use the selective updates function – make sure your messages are “fit for purpose”, does everything you tweet, really need to be on LinkedIN?

Select “edit my profile”, then click on the “edit” link next to your twitter username and select the option highlighted below.

Next time you want to send something to LinkedIn just include “#in” in your message.

Thanking you in advance… Luke.


Luke Williams on LinkedIN – I run 1/2 day LinkedIN courses in London and Bournemouth if you’d like to make more of this great business platform.

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