Prince Harry

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Prince Harry

I’m torn on this one, “the news” or I suppose as a blogger I should say “mainstream media” is supposed to be impartial and you could argue that NOT publishing this story is a form of Propoganda?


Should the media outlets agree to news blackouts? We’re always banging on in this country about China’s censorship of the internet or other regimes that control their press… when is it acceptable to do so here?

Can you have some censorship or is the line none?

My minds boggled on this one, what do you reckon?

UPDATE: The BBC’s 2cents on this issue

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  1. I think they were right, according to the Beeb it was voluntary – so no sensorship. And surely when you realise that it would in no way endanger someone by telling the story, but it could endanger loads by releasing it yuo can’t argue against it.

    They have not been constricted in what they say – just when, and even that was not forced on them, as i’m sure rumours would have been abound if it was.

    I say well done to the press for actually taking people into consideration for once.

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