things i love about Bomo

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things i love about Bomo

bomo beach

* The beach, in any weather at any time of day or night

* The optimism of people driving convertible cars, with their tops down, at the first hint of sun

* Finding out that my mate Marky (without a P) is the person opening the new coffee shop… near my flat. (officially now my new meeting room/office)

* Walking past a cool clothes shop and hearing a mix you gave them 2 years ago playing out. (2manygenres2 in the player over there >>>)

in other news:

new tablets… good.

book, still on target for release tomo… site down while I upload the new design!

I’ve worked out my flatmate is a hedgehog. She tries to hibernate for winter. (couldn’t think of any other animals that hibernate… apart from Bears and Tortoises… neither of which seemed any more or less appropriate)

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