a February note to self

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a February note to self

More silliness needed!

Sorry people, it’s all been a bit serious on here recently… with illness photos and religious musings/comment taking over aLUKEonLIFE I vow to inject more randomness for the year of the rat.

February is lining up to be an awesome month….

Health is loads better, most swelling has gone – mainly confined to the left knee – joints still feel weak but I’m moving loads better.

Feb 1st – Derren Brown’s new show ‘the system’ – bit sad.. but I’m a huge fan, the man is a genius.

Feb 2nd – Hed Kandi – be good to see a load of people I haven’t seen for ages who I know are going.
Feb 2nd – Groundhog Day! – updated

Feb 5th – Pancake day!!! Hmmmm pancakes…. anyone local fancy coming over? I always make too many. 🙂

Feb 7th – Chinese New Year 4703 (year of the Rat) – firecrackers and a 6 legged dragon roaming my street, cool!

Feb 14th – Release the eBook upon the world!

Feb 14-17th – Visit the lovely Lucy in Notts, aaawwww, aren’t we cute? (bleurgh!)

luke n lucy
photo © Mr Billy Nasty

I also put a couple of feelers out for jobs and have two opportunities to consider (Vs going for a day job) – failing those I’ll be polishing up the CV in the next week or two… look out world… here’s Johnny!

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