spring cleaning

Posted by on January 22, 2008 in general thoughts | 0 comments

observant geeks amongst you may notice a few changes around here… nicer looking URL’s – go on click on a post title or hover your mouse over the links on the left… it wont say a load of code like it used to (alukeonlife.com/?p=124) instead it’ll say the date and name of the post… much more friendly.

Also notice a shiny camera icon, now the *new* gallery is not so new… and a few under the hood improvements (technorati pinging for one).

All bought on by a need to maximise things for the up coming book site… decided here needed a bit of love… and the luke williams portfolio site… I’m still tinkering, so if it goes wobbly don’t panic.

Easy to get sidetracked when you’re stuck in a flat! Must limp to the library and finish the first draft damn it!!!

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