life gymnastics

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Flips and balance.

…that’s what you’ll start to see from me, as my health improves. Expect some 180 degree twists, some rebalancing of work/life commitments and priorities.

Expect the unexpected! (yuk what a cliche… bla)

I watched Ransom tonight, i know… mel gibson… bla bla… there’s one thing I really love about this film, the way his character thinks – he knows the kidnapper won’t give his son back alive if he pays him, so he offers the money as a reward to anyone who shops in the kidnapper – GENIUS!

Obviously in real life, bla bla… but it still represents some superb flipped on its head thinking! I love it.

The eBook is my first flip, my biggest challenge is obscurity, by making the eBook free (kinda, you’ll see) and pushing it everywhere, I kill loads of birds with one stone…

If I charged for the book, which friends get it for free?

eBooks have a shelf life of weeks before they get copied, uploaded and shared… rather than expend time and energy fighting the inevitable, why not make the most of it by offering it for free* anyway and driving traffic to the homepage?

I’m waffling and, sadly that doesn’t involve making tasty waffles (hmmm waffles) so i’ll say goodnight.

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