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so the knee, toes and ankles are more swollen again… i’ve spoken to my doctor and I’m changing tablets again, plus… and here’s the scary bit… they’re going to give me intramuscular (updated from inter-m) steroid injections this afternoon… EEK! The doctor said it will be painful, they normally say they won’t hurt much.. and they do… so yikes!

Seeing how I can’t bend my left knee much, or my right toes at all (and they feel like they’re about to pop!), or put weight on either ankle… it’s gotta be a step in the right direction.

Hamster… I’m still undecided, it would be cool to have a pet, but i don’t have a good track record of looking after things. Anyone got any spider plants btw? I want to get some, i managed to keep one for years as a kid so how hard can it be… plus i read they’re one of the best for oxygenating a room.

Think about me, send me “it wont hurt and it’ll fix it” vibes for this afternoon

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