1. We’ve got a hamster, he’s cool but has to be cleaned out a lot because he pees and poops everywhere!

  2. Do it, do it, do it!

  3. Be careful they are very noisy at night ! Cool little things though !

  4. Maybe you can get one and train it to dance to funky tunes…

  5. De be de di de be doh doh de bi dibbie dee

    Thanks, I’m gonna be singing the hamster dance song all day now.

    I wouldn’t worry about the noise at night, just need to make sure you don’t get a squeaky wheel or anything. I’d be more concerned about clearing up!

    But still they are good company, go for it!

  6. Which way will it’s paws be, most of the time?

  7. Check this out

    and you soo enjoy chinese new year

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