organ donation

Posted by on January 14, 2008 in general thoughts | 2 comments

for the record, i have an organ donor card, i’d ask that my wishes be respected if anything ever happened to me.

How can anyone object to their useless body, which will just rot or be fried, giving another human being a greater chance of living after they’ve gone, to me that seems the ultimate selfish act to deny someone a greater chance at life for nothing more than vanity.

I love the idea proposed yesterday that only people who carry an organ donor card can recieve organs, that seems fair.


  1. Ha, the power of the mass media. I missed the papers at the weekend and only saw the headlines, which seemed to scream that something awful was being done with this issue- but what you’ve said makes a ton of sense.

    It’s also reminded me that I need to do something about my wish not to be resuscitated in the event of heart failure or similar. Was going to get a tattoo but can’t do that due to my skin condition; i’m looking into getting a signed affidavit that will sit on my medical record.

  2. it should be noted that the government proposal was just to change to an opt out organ donation scheme of presumed consent, the one above (being a donor to recieve) was from some pressure group

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