to facebook or not to facebook

Posted by on January 11, 2008 in general thoughts | 2 comments

that is todays question… see I know I’ll find it hard not to waste loads of time, reconnecting with old friends if I sign up.. the main reason I haven’t so far is that it poses no business benefit to any of my plans, but a time loss risk!

That situation is changing… you see I’ll be pushing the eBook through every contact and avenue I can possibly think of… it would probably make sense to have the book on a facebook page, so that when I re-connect with people they say “oh Luke wrote a book, lets have a look…”.

I really hate divulging my information into another online “walled garden“… OpenID just isn’t the norm yet, will holding out until it is have a negative impact on my marketing plans? Almost certainly, yes.


You see, I really resent that I don’t have full control over my information or network, I can’t wait till openID or similar kicks all these separate “networking” sites into touch… it’s not social networking to me, if I can’t re-use the information.. it’s just another platform that knows too much about me.


  1. Don’t do it (Facebook). It sounds tempting…but every person you never wanted to see again will contact you.
    eBook or not…FB stinks (& I don’t even have time to figure out how I can sign off)*hahah*
    That’s me two cents.

  2. Do it! A lot you can do with it, a lot of business groups within it and also a good way to have a nose at what old friends are doing/looking like without having to add them. It’s addictive so beware. Oh yeah, plus you can create events and groups which might be good for advertising your gigs and uploading your tracks. Forget the others, just stick with this one.

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