seasonal greetings?

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i’ve struggled with belief for a while now. Torn between my desire to respect peoples beliefs, whilst at the same time being quite a firm atheist who thinks its all just… Well… About as likely as george bush being a secret reptilian overlord of the illuminate.

To this end i’m a signed up pastafarian, as many of you will of read before, how does this all sit when it comes to things like christmas?

It’s quite simple really, whilst i think religion is a complete farce, i have two good reasons to celebrate christmas, and indeed respect other religious things.. I offered a gift and respected the customs of temples in thailand… I usually do something on Chinese new year.. Etc etc

These 2 reasons are:
1 – i think its important to show respect for your own and other peoples culture and history, this doesn’t mean you have to believe in those things, simply that you have respect for those before you who did. Tradition gives us part of our identity, something thats starting to get lost in todays world.

2 – the values of these religious events hold true today, taking time to be with family at christmas should not be lost, just because i don’t believe some magic baby appeared 2000 years ago.

On that note, i wish you all a merry christmas, happy gift giving day.. Or whatever else this time of year means to you.

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