31 going on 93

Posted by on December 19, 2007 in reiters syndrome | 4 comments

31 going on 93

That’s how I feel at the moment, the lack of energy continues and the joint pain shows no sign of letting up.

I’m limping round my house, barely able to stand (see pic of ankles – my worst affected joints) with no energy… pondering “what next?”.

Lukes Feets

I’m hoping the results tomo will allow the doctors to treat these symptoms more effectively, I’m not convinced ibuprofen is helping at all… the second course of antibiotics is just to ensure the salmonella is completely dead.

Anyway… What’s a blogger got to do to get some get well soon comments eh? Pffft… haha… I know you’re out there people! (hat tip to Sarah for the mention though)

If these symptoms continue, I’m going to need to make some drastic changes.. arse.

In better news, I’ve got some web work to do that’s keeping me sane and once that’s done I’ll be getting my book out, as for the future… I’ll deal with that when I have all the information I need.


  1. No, seriously they’re two different people’s legs aren’t they?! Chin up mate, things will get better soon. Now, remember my advice; go and eat some pies, just to build yourself up mind, you know its the right thing to do- trust me I’m a doctor! Em x

  2. Mine went like that when I got bit badly by some mozzies, and the swelling went down with antihistamine tablets. Something to consider I guess.

    Seriously tho, get well soon mate

  3. no bites here, its all salmonella related. Reiter’s sydrome, lucky me!

  4. Hey, found this website you might be interested in:

    Lots of useful stuff on there. Hope you’re feeling better soon, and if I don’t see you have a Merry and relaxing Christmas, Em x

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