beware flying babies

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No really… in every sense of the word…

Ok, so you check-in online… theres a front row seat available… LEG ROOM!!! Do you take it??

Hmmm… its the gamble.. most likely babies are in the front row… vs well… LEG ROOM!

Beware Flying Babies part 1
– Being that my flight bag is also my record bag, it normally has ear plugs in the back pocket.. winner… prepared for babies that fly, ear plugs in, noise go down. (they’re industrial, loud club strength ones)

That was ok, I helped the lady next to me when I could, I’m a decent bloke… then I thought…

Beware Flying Babies part 2
– babies can emit all kinds of toxic substances, aha! A use for the blanket, a baby gak sheild… result…

I’m happy, I’ve had my meal, I’m dozing off… the babies on the front row are all being quiet in the crib things that get attached to the wall in front… all is good…

The seatbelt sign comes on “bla bla bla please return to your seats we may experience some turbulence”… ok, no biggie… then the stewardess come over and asks the woman to return the baby to her lap in case it flies out… the lady declines, saying she doesn’t want to wake her.. I mean… I have to agree with her… turbulence can’t really catapult babies around an aircraft… can it…?

So its a bit bumpy, then it dies off, I drift off to sleep… zzzzzz….

Beware Flying Babies part 3 – until the aircraft jolts and a baby is launched onto my knees waking me up! I just about caught it as it started to slide down my legs (my reactions were pretty quick considering I was out) The mother is fast asleep… I gently give her a nudge and pass her the baby… she doesnt seem at all bothered and puts it back in the crib.

The moral of this story… erm… take a baby net on aeroplanes if you’re sitting on the front row?

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  1. That’s a great read ! Good start to my week !!! Good catch old boy.

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