Bangkok 3

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Bangkok 3

Woop! A nice relaxing (yet hectic) day today, had a swim then went on a temple tour (including boat ride) – I’ve got 45mins to kill (thanks to a mis-communication) before “the show” so I thought I’d upload these pics.

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As the net connection is playing up you’ll have to work out which is which…

Temple of Dawn (Khmer pointy style)
Giant (47m) Reclining Buddah
Temple Guardians (one with an almost british top hat?)
River trip
Five n Half ton pure gold buddah
Wat Po temple

The only problem with Thailand is.. i’m having far too much fin and not getting the book finished at all.. ah well.. you lives once i guess.

What was that ferris bueller saying again… 🙂

have a great weekend!

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