the Facebook Conspiracy

Posted by on November 1, 2007 in general thoughts | 6 comments

the Facebook Conspiracy

First up I need to say to all my blogging friends/family – I wasn’t saying you should blog more or tut tut for not blogging… just pointing out that it was in decline!

That said, enough with the facebook conspiracy… I’m still getting invites most days and it hit a new point today, when I asked someone to see picutres from an event and they said.. “well they’re on facebook if you want to see them”… grrrrr…. stupid closed system.


I was thinking last night, is it incredibly arrogant of me to not join facebook… to post mainly on here and not on myspace/facebook/dsi/linkedin/ ?

This is just an outlet for me to dump crap from my head, I suppose my reluctance to change to the current big fave site (I’m stilll betting it’ll be surpassed in the next year/two btw) is selfish, am I removing myself from my friends somehow?

I’d always been a geek, one of the early adopters in new technology… I only knew 4 people on email when I first used that, I had a mobile when only 3 people I knew did (Props to Big Tone, Denny and DH for beating me too it)… I was on early clubbing forums, long since gone… this blog was started a mere 3 years ago and apart from Shane (ps check out his shiny new home) was one of the first peronal blogs in my circle… why my reluctance to Facebook? Hmmm….

Yes, I have been looking at “micro-blogging” type sites like twitter… I still think they’re a niche product rather than the next big thing.

There is another factor drawing me to facebook, so its not written off yet… does anyone know if you can pull RSS feeds into/out of facebook?


  1. Not sure if you can, but it may be possible as they opened it up a while back so Joe Public can make various apps – sadly this has simply resulted in the whole system being swamped with tacky, pointless applications.

  2. is there some sort of mattyD n markyP comment-conspiracy too?? 🙂

  3. Haha, this site is being taken over by the Blog Angels!

  4. Don’t do Facebook!!!!

  5. Say no to Facebook.

  6. Facebook sucks. The main thing that is currently driving me nutty about that site is all the bloody requests to “Become a Vampire! Or Zombie! Bite your friends!”


    No really, why?

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