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Eeek… its less than a week till my month long adventure to Oz + Thailand… still got loads to do – not least if I’m going to hit “target A”, be kinda sad if I don’t.

The good news is, I’m being remarkably well organised, so far… I’ve written and sent all the birthday cards due in the next month or so… and got all my passport/visas/jabs/insurance/bus travel etc. sorted!

I’ll have my laptop/webcam with me while I’m over there, so expect the odd (maybe video) update 🙂

One of the other things I wanted to do was get on top of my email and add a few touches/upgrades to this blog. I’ve finished those now, so if you spot anything wonky, please let me know!

Why I hadn’t swapped the “I’ll just stick a mailto: link in here and find a contact form plugin later” on the about me/contact page sooner, I don’t know… obvious source of inbox spam too… to this end, I’m retiring a couple of email addresses!! Dum, dum… duuuuuh! If you need to email me while I’m in Oz, OR you hear of any emails to me going missing/bouncing, send them to the contact form on this site please… ta!

Some quick words of wisdom from south park…

(The episode where the school gets a TV station and the Sexy Action School News team keep losing the fight for ratings despite increasingly over sensationalising every story….)

Jimmy – but we’re dumbing down the school news Eric
Cartman – the schools already dumb, we’re just giving them what they want

So sad, but so true

and this..

Thought for the day –

“You are the average of the five people, you spend the most time with” Hmmm…

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  1. Ahh awesome – I didn’t realise you were going away so soon. I’m looking forward to lots of pictures of your adventures.

    Perhaps you could get your readers/friends to set you a photo challenge? Where a list of say 30 things is given to you, and you have to try and get photos of them. Bonus points for getting a combination of items into one photo.

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