Facebook killed the blogger-ing star?

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in my mind and in my car… can’t rewind, it’s gone too far.. ooh oh oh oh ohhh….


Has social networking killed the bloggers? Or rather, have bloggers now, mainly… ahem, moved to sites like Facebook to waste their time?

With the exception of the supreme shane-ness no-one seems to be personal blogging as much anymore…

Mr P… holiday and house moves I suspect played a part…
Clickrich, once a regular poster, not returned since July
The sister… i’ll give her a pass for now, shes planning a wedding.. ditto James, though props for posting now n again
MattyD.. will this current resurgence continue…?
Sarah in Africa… actually shes stayed about the same, which is good, I love reading her blog – kudos to you Sarah!
Dave, geekchic, wwdos… dwindled to nowt…
Mateo and Joood blogs got retired…
Penny4ya – erm… “forced into retirement”

sad times 🙁

I used to have this kinda policy where blogs that weren’t updated in the previous month moved off my links list, so if people clicked though there was always stuff there to read… if I did that now, too few would remain!

Was it a (past tense) fad? Is blogging now resigned to be a niche for those of us that reject facebook (so far… more on that later…). Perhaps the personal blog has logically been replaced by social networking, I guess you could say this site acted as a kinda mini-hub for my real-network of people… hmmm…

UPDATE: whilst trying to google who did this song originally I found this… somehow, so perfectly representative of this post… and damn good too.. props to “the wrong trousers”…


  1. Thanks for the props…FYI- I am on Facebook- I just loathe it*hahah*
    And as per your obesity post- I just want to say that it’s not always as easy as you make it sound. Some people struggle with diets & work-out regimes their whole lives…I think the problems are much more complex (despression, motiviation, media, genetics) bladee blah. (Maybe I’m saying this because I’m struggling to get back into shape myself)*wicked smile*

  2. absolutely agree, I didn’t mean to belittle anyone’s battle with the bulge. The search for the method that suits you is an important part, equally growing as a person (in confidence/motivation and self-discipline) I think is often overlooked. This will kinda be the topic of my 2nd book (oops did I hint I’ve almost finished the first one??)

  3. What? 2nd book- I thought I was on the editing team for the first one?!
    Crazy great, can’t wait to read ’em.
    Off to Oz soon? Safe travels…next trip Zambia? (Chances are I’ll still be here)

  4. I think you’ll find i havn’t facebooked in ages either. And it’s not just the wedding, it’s the doing two jobs and studying and the wedding that’s done it.

    Soon, honest

  5. Personal blogging is certainly dying out a little. With the advent of Facebook and the plethora of copycats and other similar social networking sites, people are writing less paragraphs about themselves in once place, and interacting with each other more on personal profiles.

    However, social networking is also of great benefit, particularly to niche bloggers. I’ve got a handful of blogs (growing weekly in numbers), that are dedicated to more specific niches and that I update on a regular basis.

    Websites such as stumbleupon can provide masses of traffic if you write a quality post that is useful/informative/humorous to other web users. Also Digg is very good, but you need to really get in with a group of bloggers so that they can help you get your story to the front page. The only negative side to that is once a blog gets to the front page of Digg, the ‘Digg effect’ tends to hammer the blog and cause it to use masses of bandwidth. If a blog is on a shared hosting account, this can make the blog unavailable for periods of time.

  6. I wish I could say I had more / better excuses but the truth is that between moving house and a new job (I had LOTS of time to blog in my old job !!!) I just have not had the time for my little piece of the internet.

    However – I am all online at home now so will be back blogging very soon !

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