the plant graveyard

Posted by on October 22, 2007 in general thoughts | 3 comments

This is an impassioned plea, from me to all of you.

Please do not give me, or ask me to look after, any plants, ever. Thank You.

In summary…

:: Yukka – RIP old friend 🙁
:: Coriander – sprouted, tried to transfer it to a bigger tub… died.
:: Sage – didn’t even sprout from seeds
:: Chilli Plant – “harvest from July-August”, still alive.. somehow, but no sign of chillis.. or tbh much growth at all!
:: Assorted herb plot – now just a nice smelling autumnal looking selection of brown leaves – oops.
:: Chris’s spiky thing – amazingly still alive, but not looking as healthy as when it got here… eek!

2 out of 6 still alive… and barely at that… haha, doh!!!


:: Fake Bamboo plant – still looking great, even with mini-mirror ball and other ornaments people seem to keep placing in it!
:: Fake white lilly things in the hall – could do with a dust, otherwise, A OK
:: Assorted twigs and other vaguely (fake) plant-like things in the toilet – looking great

In summary

Fake Plants – GOOD
Real Plants – NOT GOOD

Please, no plants (or alcohol – I’m mostly giving up) for christmas!


  1. Does the pot still have a smily face tho?

  2. Don’t kill my plant.

  3. yes but no plant hair 🙁

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