time smart… or lazy?

Posted by on October 18, 2007 in general thoughts | 3 comments

Ok, I’ve given in to my urges…. I’m working a lot of hours at the moment on “the plan” (you’ll get to see it REAL soon), planning oz, my gigs and a site build for Shane…

I’ve given in and got help with…


I’m having 11 shirts picked up tomo, and returned back monday, for the sum of £8… now that might seem a lot… until you know that no matter how hard I try, it takes me at least 10-15mins to iron a shirt… and the results really aren’t that great!

Is 2-3 hours of my time worth more/less than £8 ie is this Time Smart… or am I just being lazy??


  1. Time Smart – that’s less than the minimum wage amd i’m guessing you make more than that

  2. This is an excellent idea – how on Earth do they profit from that though. If the average shirt takes say 2-3 minutes to iron by a professional, that’s still about 30 minutes, plus the collection and drop-off. I suppose £12-15 an hour isn’t bad, but unless your clients are all in the same place this business plan seems a little strange.

    For the record I cannot iron a shirt at all. I’ve patented the ‘put the shirt on 30 minutes before I leave and it will iron itself around me’ method. I can teach you that if you like?

  3. I think they do 1 round picking n dropping off round town, then use trained cats to iron the shirts with their tongues… thats my theory anyway

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