eeek email

Posted by on October 17, 2007 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I reckon I get 300+ emails a day, easy. Maybe 5 or so are ones I actually want, about another 5-10 are mailing lists or things that I flick through or file… If I’m away for a month in Oz… thats erm… 9000 emails.

Yes, I can log onto my web-based email client, but selecting the spam is a manual process… yikes. If I only get online say 4 times, I’m going to have to wade through 1000’s of emails to find anything important. Eek.

So what to do?

Set an auto-responder that I’m using a different account? Fwd everything to gmail or hotmail and use their spam filtering?

Goddamn spam.

I want to hunt down and maim whichever idiots it is that actually buy their products, someone must do, or they wouldn’t bother sending it… graaaahh.

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