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Religion. Yawn…. yeah yeah, I bet you read this sentence then you’ll stop, fair enough, I probably would… but I dare you delve deeper into my mind…

The Bournemouth Daily Echo online posted a story today called Fast Friends about the local mosque opening its doors for an open day.

This in itself, wasn’t that controversial an article… but, sadly it attracted comments from the BNP who have been very active in the comments on the echo website recently.

In most cases, the BNP comments go un-challenged, for some reason I felt compelled to reply… as soon as I had done so, I noticed the article dis-appeared. (At time of posting the direct link still works, but try the front page and the article has gone)

Shame on you Bournemouth Daily Echo!! The slightest hint of controversial debate and they pull the whole article (most Bmth Council stories now have comments blocked, to prevent the inevitable comment wars), I think that is a real pity.

Sure, I could understand the times they blocked comments when people were discussing an on-going police investigation (to leave them up could of left them open to a liable or prejudicial law suit) or the times when some offensive/racist comments were posted.

Why do most people find it so hard to understand that Islam, like christianity has different sects? The more fundamental/hardline wahhabi/islamist beliefs are just as different to most (more spiritual) Muslims as the Mormons are to most Christians.

The problem with any religion, is its interpretation by man.

“Bas” (from the BNP) may just as well of asked any Christian to explain why it’s acceptable to rape 14year old girls in multiple marriages? Or closer to his beliefs perhaps, why it was deemed acceptable to massacre the Jews in WWII?

Recommended reading of the day: The Islamist by Ed Husain

…for the record, I re-confirm my faith as a confirmed Pastafarian.



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