is lisp onomatopoeic??

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Damn you flatmate! If a question goes in my head and I can’t find the answer, I find it really hard to let go…

it seemed quite an easy question: is “lisp” an onomatopoeic word? (Does it sound like the thing its describing…)

Hmmm… time to consult some experts…

It might be, but I don’t think so, because it doesn’t sound like what it describes! Like plop for example. (a Teacher)

I wouldn’t say it was. People with lisps would prounounce “lisp” like “lithp”. (an English language undergraduate)

What do you think? Is it… or not… I keep changing my mind!


  1. I don’t reckon – a lisp sound is “th” instead of “s” so it would have to be “th” to be onomatopeic

  2. But surely it doesn’t need to sound exactly like the sound ie. Things that make a bang sound don’t actually go BANG! It’s just a noise.

  3. Good point John, I think I’m now convinced its NOT an o. The sound of a lisp is “th” not “lisp”.

  4. Can it be both options? Like to someone with a lisp it is, and to someone without it isn’t? But it isn’t a word describing a sound, more a way someone speaks, so probably isn’t one in any case…

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