Hereford, Llanthony and the Black Mountains

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Hereford, Llanthony and the Black Mountains

Some photos for you from the weekend… a stag weekend in Hereford and Llanthony, plus some snaps from the surrounding Black Mountains I took on the Sunday.

For those that don’t know, we (myself, guy and giles plus loads of others through the years) used to all camp at Llanthony every year in the summer for a weekend, first time I went was about erm… 15 years ago, I think this is my 8th time there now – amazing place. Shocking news… the campsite we use has upped its price from £1 per person per night then to… £3!!! not exactly bank breaking is it.

Guy, myself and Gilescamping 1Llanthony PrioryLlanthony view westcampsitethe best man chillin outis that bubblesthe half moongospel pass 1gospel pass 2hay blufflord herefords knobon top hay bluffview across to the sugarloaf and other blacksstylish windswept hairLlanthony Priory 2the skirrid

NOTE there are a couple more… erm “amusing” photos from the weekend in the next post, the password is showme if you really want to see Guy “bubbles” Bufton in all her glory…

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  1. Luke

    Top work gettking the photos out so quickly – I forgot how beautiful guy can be when he makes an effort!


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