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Posted by on August 14, 2007 in general thoughts | 1 comment

I’ve been getting some very odd emails recently. Both to me and bouncebacks that appear to of been sent by me (eg undeliverables) for e-card type sites.

My PC is fully clean of spyware and viruses as of 11am today, so my advice is if you see one of these from someone you don’t know or are even vaguely unsure of, don’t open it. If you do want to send one of these things, only use a big well known site (yahoo, msn etc)

Sites to be wary of :

They look genuine but I’m guessing are set up to harvest email addr and sell on to spammers. Either that or a lot of random people have started sending me random greeting cards… yeah, not likely.

UPDATE – 100% delete and ignore any “greeting card” I have allegedly sent you. I don’t use such things. As Shane says, don’t open an exe file EVER from an email.

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  1. Strange – me too. I’ve received three of these in the past two days. The scary thing is they come with an .exe file attached. Which we all know is something that should never be opened unless you know 100% it’s from a safe party.

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