weddings, friends and a surfer

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weddings, friends and a surfer

Having sync’d my phone up today for a back up I realised I’ve not posted these pictures… so in no particular order…

Some pics from my cousins wedding:
ruth n james at the weddinguncle david and cousin markmore wedding photosmark getting oldthe gransRichard and Katherine with the cakecool swing bandfirst dancephoto photo photo

back at the B&B… nice wallpaper, a cheese room and a dog that thought he was a cat!

back at the b n bnice catcheese roomdog or cat

lew and sarah in the pub in Sutton… somehow Em and Bish escaped the lense… I’ll get you next time!

lewissez new camerasez

and finally… surf’s up eh Mary? 🙂
surfs up

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  1. Thanks for the very flattering pictures. The Hereford contingent says Hmmph!

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