back to school

Posted by on August 1, 2007 in general thoughts | 0 comments

Yep… well no. Erm… kinda.

Always one to re-assess how I do things, I’ve now set myself a timetable for how I break up my week.

This allows me to split time better between longer term plans, short terms things and general life stuff!

It makes me feel like I’ve gone back to school… especially as starting in january is 2hrs of spanish lessons per week! (finally gonna knuckle down and learn some this time)

I’m still on the look out for another challenge… maybe I’ll do a Machu Pichu hike? (yiou need to raise muchos cashola though) …or a skydive for charity… still open to ideas people.

Off to the simpsons movie tonight, woooooo! Then show tomo, Toko friday and Censo sat if anyones about, drop me a line.


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