pier to pier swim and general life update

Posted by on June 28, 2007 in general thoughts | 0 comments

Swam 120 lengths yesterday, a cool 3km or 1.875 miles… not bad eh? Although I managed to do near on nothing the rest of the day and still felt a bit tired today!

Been working on a new n improved life plan this week, I’ve been drifting along a bit the last month or so, had a few things to work through in my head, but thats sorted now… time to step up!

I’ve been changing the way I do things as well, on the theory that my processes weren’t working, so they need changing!

Rewritten my goals and I’m putting them into a timetable to split my time up to acheive these things, I had a rough system like that before (thursdays were music days for example).

Set goals
Make the plan
Sort out time managment
Review processes
Step up!

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