the effect of rain

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For some reason the wettest bike club so far… attracted the most people. How does that work??

7 brave souls squared up to the elements for a trundle to the darkest corner of hengistbury head n back.

Same time next week peeps BUT with a slight venue change, we’ll meet near Bournemouth Pier at 645.

Looking at the pics on the telly, I’m feeling lucky we escaped the worst of the rain. I’ve seen plenty of flood water as a kid growing up in Hereford, so my thoughts are with those people with houses now under water or stuck away from home.

Reading the “have your say” on BBC was interesting…. it seemed mainly to consist of name calling, psuedo scientific theories and “i’m alright jacks”.

Global warming kept popping up in the discussion with ignorance like “It makes no sense that hosepipe bans were blamed on global warming, now the torrential rains are too” – er yes, dumbass its called climate change… global warming doesn’t mean it’ll just get hotter n sunnier. 🙂

I find it amazing the amount of people who still don’t believe in global warming, what exactly will it take to convince these people?

I’d love to hear from any of you who’re unconvinced it’s real.

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