I laugh about it now

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I laugh about it now

but at the time, it was a bit freaky… whilst sorting out some paperwork I found these things that a loopy ex-girlfriend sent me in the post (tbh I don’t know for sure but I’m 99.9% certain I know who)

I present them here for your amusement:

“dogs have a master, cats have slaves” (blank inside card rec’d in envelope 2)
envelope 1, post mark Bristol, blue ink

envelope 2, post mark Bournemouth, green ink
photo of cat with sticker attached “what’s that smell?” (rec’d in envelope 1)

lined note paper with 1x sticker “keep yer nose out” and 1x sticker of a menacing black cat
envelope 3, post marked North East, purple ink

cat stalker mail

as for why… I dunno… what they hoped to acheive… I dunno… you gotta laugh though. 😀

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  1. What’s more amazing is that they actually reached you given the fact the addresses were blanked out.

    You’re one of those select band of people infamous enough to be reached by the enterprising Royal Mail with simply a name and town!

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